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  • What is permanent make up?
    Permanent Make Up, Semi Permanent Make Up and Micropigmentation are all different names for the same thing. It is a form of cosmetic tattooing where hypo allergenic pigments are gently layered into the upper layers of the skin to create beautiful, naturally looking eyeliners, lip liners and brows. Permanent make-up imitates perfectly applied cosmetics, with natural-looking results that can be as subtle or as dramatic as you like. Using specialised, state- of-the-art techniques, hypo-allergenic pigments are gently infused into the uppermost layers of your skin where they remain, all day, every day. Permanent make-up is ideal for most people and the benefits are endless. Imagine never having your eyeliner run or your lipstick bleed. Imagine having perfect, natural looking brows that make you appear younger…. All this can be achieved with permanent make-up. A thorough consultation is carried out with each client to assess their personal needs during which time we discuss what will best suit your features, from colour to shape. With permanent cosmetics, its never ‘one size suits all’. The results will fade gradually over 2-3 years, therefore we recommend a “colour boost” 15 months after the initial application – to maintain a fresh appearance.
  • Does it hurt?
    I use strong anaesthetic gels and creams during the treatments which make the whole procedure very comfortable. Once the anaesthetic has kicked in most people describe the sensation similar to having an electric toothbrush held against their skin. Some clients even nod off!
  • How long does it last?
    How long it lasts varies depending on a number of factors. Age, skin type and lifestyle have a lot of influence, the younger you are, the quicker the colour fades as your skin rejuvenates itself so much more quickly. Brows will last about a year in someone in their 20’s whereas if you are 40+ you can expect to get a year to eighteen months. Lips and eyeliners generally last about 2-3 years. Exposure to UV light will fade the pigments more quickly.
  • What is the downtime?
    Brows have very little downtime. The colour will be a bit dark for about a week after your treatment and there will be some flaking with the possibility of some superficial, light crusts which are usually gone within the week. There is virtually no swelling and any redness will go after a couple of hours. Lips and eyeliners can swell a little bit but the swelling usually subsides within 24 hours. The main concern for most of my clients is how dark the colour looks immediately after treatment so I always advise having the procedure done when you have no special plans.
  • I’ve heard you need a second procedure, is this true?"
    Yes. You will have your initial treatment then you go away and allow the area to heal for four weeks before returning for your top-up procedure. A top up allows me to check the colour and shape and make sure the pigment has been implanted evenly. I always say it’s like painting a wall, you need two coats!
  • What does the quoted price include?
    The price I quote you includes a full consultation (which we can do on the day of your treatment or on a day prior to it, whichever you prefer), your initial treatment and your top up procedure which you take 4 weeks to 3 months after the initial one.
  • What is the aftercare?
    You will be given an aftercare leaflet following your procedure and I always explain fully the do’s and don’ts but the main ones are to keep the area as dry as possible, avoid touching the area and don’t apply make up for about a week. You can wear make up, just not over the area you have had the treatment on as the skin will be broken and any introduction of make up or creams could result in an infection.
  • How much is a consultation?
    I don’t charge for consultations as I believe everyone should have the chance to see for themselves what I can do and ask any questions. Most people are happy to have their consultation on the day of their treatment whilst others can feel a little nervous and a face to face chat with me over a coffee usually helps you decide if the treatment is for you.
  • What happens to your own hair if you are having your brows done?
    Contrary to what a lot of people believe, I do not remove your own hair. I try to incorporate as much of it as I can to keep your brows looking as natural as possible. It may be necessary to tweeze out any stray ones though.
  • What is Microblading?
    Whilst microblading (in a very basic form) has been around for many thousands of years, it is only recently that it has become popular in creating permanent make up brows. The MB technique allows for a very delicate line of pigment to be implanted into the skin which, if done correctly, can be used to create lines that mimic real hairs. MB’ing involves a static row of needles attached to a pen-like handpiece to be gently sliced through the very upper layers of the skin into which pigment is placed. The down side to microblading is if it is not done correctly it can cause damage to the skin and ultimately lead to scarring. It’s an art to get the pigment placed at the correct depth in the skin- too shallow and the colour fades quickly, too deep and the colour blurs and turns grey. Not all skins are suitable for microblading- it’s not ideal for thickened skins (smokers/sun worshippers) or anyone with an oily skin. On a perfect canvas, done correctly, the results are beautiful. The results, however, don’t last as long as a brow created using the convential technique with a machine. The machine technique uses a handpiece into which a needle cartridge is attached. When the machine is operated, the needles in the cartridge are forced in and out up to 160 times a second. The needles are gently dragged across the skin and pigment is implanted every time the needle enters the skins surface. A good technician can create equally good hairstroke looking brows using a machine and this method offers more versatility in brow shape and design. Personally, I think this method allows for the results to last slightly longer too.
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