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Eyebrows are the most popular semi-permanent make-up treatment. The eyebrows shape and style helps frame your entire face. Natural, sleek and beautiful eyebrows help create a balanced look to the face, using semi-permanent make-up you can take
the time and effort out of creating your eyebrows shape and style.
At Divinity we can help you achieve your brow goals and dreams, there are a couple of different ways we can achieve this.


Eyes are said to be the key to the soul, to help you achieve an enhancement to your look. Divinity  provide a selection of eye treatments giving you.

The desired look for your key features. Whether you want a defined line or a soft smokey look that makes your eyes pop – we provide the treatment for you.


Do you want a more defined lip line, bold colour, fuller looking lips or shaping.
Divinity can provide a treatment

to suit your needs.